Interior design – realization

REALIZATION of the project is the most complex part of our task which we perform thanks to the cooperation with reliable and proven performers in whom we trust. Teamwork is a key factor for the success of any enterprise, and we guarantee the excellent quality of the final work.

Based on the dimensions and plan of your apartment we create new design solutions for your interior. We recommend the three solutions with complete reconstruction of space, positioning of furniture and lighting, functional units. You will choose one solution which, if necessary, we elaborate.

The model we make is based on your selection of conceptual design. On it will be shown a completely new visual identity of your apartment, with appropriate materials to be used during the implementation of the project, selection of colors in the interior and accompanying furniture. The model we present with 20 renders and, if necessary, a short animation.

The realization of the project of the interior we are doing in cooperation with the firm TRICOLOR. Works are carried out systematically and in an average time frame to three months. The final choice of materials is carried out in accordance with the presentation of the model, which may cause certain modifications, with the aim of improving and harmonizing with your and spatial possibilities. Construction works are carefully monitored to guarantee the full quality of the project implementation.

The firm for construction works has a special price list for its services (demolition, masonry, plastering, ceramics, carpentry, installation …).

We offer you the original Art works from our collection: paintings, drawings, digital art, illustrations etc.

Delivery “door to door” by DHL or FedEx.

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Belgrade, Serbia