How to buy an artwork?

  • Child


    43.3 H x 55.1 W x 0.8 in

  • Family


    43.3 H x 55.1 W x 0.8 in

  • Three sisters

    Three sisters

    43.3 H x 55.1 W x 0.8 in

  • Parent


    43.3 H x 55.1 W x 0.8 in

  • Knot


    43.3 H x 55.1 W x 0.8 in

  • Wreath


    43.3 H x 55.1 W x 0.8 in

  • Remembrance


    43.3 H x 55.1 W x 0.8 in

How to buy artwork in

It is very easy!

Follow these six basic steps to successfully create your order:

  • Pick articles.
  • Add articles to the cart.
  • Chose delivery and payment methods for your order.
  • Register (Name and invoice address and if needed delivery address, your e-mail).
  • Check the contents of your cart and your contact information.
  • Accept our terms and conditions and send your order.

PribiArt will send information about your order on your e-mail along with information on our further proceeding.

Your shopping cart

When you find an artwork you want to order, first click on article picture which will enlarge it and then on the button “Add to cart” located under the picture description and price. In this way you can add as many items to the cart as you want.

You can check the contents of your cart at any time with a simple click on the button “My cart”. The content of your cart will be displayed on the screen together with the order amount. If you want to remove an article from the cart simply click on the remove button “X” located left of every article in your shopping cart. When you are satisfied with the contents of your basket first chose delivery method, and then payment method for your order.

Ordering and order prices

All articles shown on pages can be ordered over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Buyers in the territory of Serbia can order wanted articles quickly and simply on e-mail address:

Order prices (which includes price of ordered articles together with delivery and insurance prices) on pages are displayed in dollars. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.

PribiArt reserves the right to cancel an order within 48 hours from the moment the order is received. This relates to situations when the painting is engaged at a display or some other important manifestation and in any other situation that can be characterized as “Act of God” or as natural disaster, as well as in situations when the gallery estimates that it can not comply with delivery deadline because of objective reasons.
Gallery reserves the right to decline to accept an order from the buyer with prior history of suspicious orders.

Payment methods offers you simple and safe payment methods. It is yours to choose.

For the citizens of Serbia

  • Payment in advance (before delivery) by Invoice, bank transfer or general payment notice – Total sum, based on our estimate must be remitted to our bank account. Citizens of Republic of Serbia can make the payment in dinars to our dinar account. If you prefer these methods of payment we will send Estimate and Payment Instructions. We emphasize that transfer and bank expanses are to be paid by the buyer. We are sorry to say that the delivery will last longer this way. We can send ordered articles only when money comes to our account.
  • First Cash on Delivery


For the citizens outside of territory of Serbia

Citizens outside of the territory of Serbia can make the payment in euros, dollars, Canadian dollars or pounds, to our PayPal account.

On Serbian territory, prices are lower by 35%.

Also, 15% of discount is valid for the following countries:
Bosnia&Hercegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Your contact information

To be able to make an order it is necessary to fill registration forms. We need: name, surname, and delivery address, as well as invoice address if different from the previous. Also, we need your e-mail address to send you information on the status of your order.

If needed articles are a gift, PribiArt gives you a possibility to send a message to the receiver of the gift.

PribiArt guarantees complete safety and privacy of your personal information. All entered information will be used only for the intended purposes and will be protected from unauthorized access.


PribiArt offers you artworks at reasonable prices directly from author. All artworks are certified on the back. Artworks are without a frame.

We guarantee that non digital photography processing was performed with aim to remove any irregularities on painting materials such as removal of scratches or dust, refreshment of colors etc. The colors may look slightly different then in the picture due to monitor settings.


PribiaArt guarantees delivery validness. Ordered artworks are packaged in a way to evade any damages during usual transport.


PribiArt enables you to insure your package from loss or damage in domestic and international transport. Insurance price is shown in your shopping cart and you can always see it before buying.

PribiArt guarantees to reimburse damage in case of loss of insured package in the amount of 70% of the invoiced amount. In a case of damage or decreasing of content of an insured package a reimbursement will be made in a determined or estimated amount of damage or decrease, but not in an amount greater then the amount that would be paid in a case of loss of package.

PribiArt does not bear any responsibility and does not recognize damage or loss reimbursement caused by unforeseeable events beyond human possibilities (accidents, natural disasters, etc.).


Permit – according to current laws of our country art works can be permanently taken out of the country only with a permit issued by state authorities. Time needed to get a permit is between 5 and 7 work days.

Shipping Time – depends on the organization of post service (DHL or FedEx) and the distance at which the delivery is sent.


PribiArt can deliver your order to any address in the world.

For delivery we put following delivery companies at your disposal:

  • PTT service of Serbia, Allows for standard and air delivery package in domestic and international traffic (more then 200 countries worldwide).
  • Post Express courier service of Serbia, Allows for quick and safe delivery of packages in domestic and international traffic (only for Slovenia, Croatia, Republic of Srpska and Macedonia).
  • DHL Worldwide Express courier service, Guarantees safe and quick way of delivering and handing the delivery in international traffic (in more then 200 countries worldwide).
  • FedEx Express courier service, Guarantees safe and quick way of delivering and handing the delivery in international traffic (in more then 200 countries worldwide).

TIME OF DELIVERY – varies depending on the time needed to acquire an export permit and time needed to deliver the order to its final destination.

Put simply, here’s the basic equation you can use to determine your delivery date:

(Permit 5-7 workdays) + (Shipping Time) = Total Delivery Time

DELIVERY COSTS – Delivery costs and packing included in price of artwork.

Enter the code.


Illustrations made in .ai or .eps format. Unlimited increasing size without loss of sharpness and quality.

Illustrations done in .jpg /.png /.tiff or .psd format. Full size preset.



You can directly buy and download some illustrations from our collection on the web page COMP@.

You can also order special illustrations for your project.
After briefing we will make them for you.


Digital art – download the maximum format of graphic work in our collection. Each work can be printed in unlimited number of copies.

In the case that you want a signed copy from the author, please send your e-mail and we’ll make the next step together.

And finally, if you want to see how your photo will inspire the artist, please contact us and send your photo. This work will be exclusively for you. After the briefing and determination of artworks size, we will agree about the price.

See the current offer of our digital works on the web page COMP@


LOVERS, 60×60 cm / 23.6×23.6 in (100dpi)